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New impact integration program starting soon

February 18, 2021


It’s about to get easier for asset managers and owners to integrate impact into investment practices.

We have partnered with other leaders in the impact investing space in Canada to bring Impact Frontiers to Canada.

Impact Frontiers is a structured two-year education program that was created by the Impact Management Project (IMP). The initiative just finished a successful run in the UK and US and is now coming to Canada.

Wide-reaching relevance and outcomes

Impact Frontiers supports investors to build new capabilities to manage impact and integrate impact into their investment practices. Through confidential structured meetings and flexible activities, cohort members experiment with new approaches, share their tools and experiences, learn from peers, benefit from thought partnership and advance the state of impact management practice in the sector.

It’s been designed for asset managers of all asset classes and for asset owners such as foundations, endowments, pensions and family offices.

We believe Impact Frontiers will elevate the field of impact investing — increasing the transparency of the capital markets in creating impact; enabling investors to allocate capital more accurately and efficiently toward impact; and drawing new investors off the sidelines. We expect the program will help to shift capital into proven impact investments that are contributing to a fair, just and ecologically sustainable world.

Collaborative, ecosystem-wide initiative




Program starts soon; sign up today.

"The IMP is thrilled to team up with Rally Assets and partners throughout the Canadian market to support investors in setting -- and achieving -- integrated sustainability and financial goals. We are working hard to establish similar collaborations with leading partners in other geographies, following the pioneering example set here in Canada. Our vision is that over time, any investor in any asset class or geography will be able to access content and a community of like-minded peers to help them advance their impact management practice, so that capital markets can better serve the needs of people and planet."

- Mike McCreless, Executive Director, Impact Frontiers

"Most investors can’t tell you if their investments have had a positive impact on people and the planet, let alone if positive impact is correlated to financial return. It’s time to empower investors with this information to enable greater change.  Rally is thrilled to convene this important conversation with the IMP, our partners and Canadian investors in Impact Frontiers. This practical, applicable approach will support investors to learn, build and invest better."

- Kelly Gauthier, Managing Director and Partner, Rally Assets

"The Responsible Investment Association has a vision to align capital with sustainable and inclusive development as codified in the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Impact investing and collaboration are going to play an important role in achieving these objectives, so we are pleased to support the Impact Frontiers program as it will foster collaboration and strengthen impact measurement practices in Canada."

- Dustyn Lanz, Chief Executive Officer,  Responsible Investment Association

"By making impact management strategies accessible to capital allocators across the country, Impact Frontiers will help move the Canadian investing landscape forward in demonstrating impact at a time where the imperative has never been stronger. MaRS is excited to be a part of helping this innovative program contribute to a vision for economic growth in Canada that is sustainable and impact-driven."

- Jason Sukhram, Senior Manager, MaRS

"Ensuring that we properly design the practice of impact measurement and management for Canada is instrumental to the success of our market. There's no better way to do this than by bringing in voices from across the country. Impact Frontiers' approach to ecosystem building, collaboration, and learning represents an important step towards advancing our ability to measure and manage impact. We're extremely excited to be part of Impact Frontiers and look forward to working with everyone involved."

- Bruno Lam, Manager of Research & Operations, Canvas

Let's connect

While the cohort is not accepting new members at this time, please connect with us if you've questions about the program.

Impact Frontiers is a global initiative. The first Impact Frontiers ran from 2018-2020 in the US. This initiative in Canada (2021-2022), co-convened with Rally Assets, builds on that important work.